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What is the Joda project ?

The Joda project is a group of Java open-source projects that seeks to improve core Java functionality


Joda-Time is the de facto standard library for advanced date and time in Java. Both Date and Calendar in the core Java libraries have serious flaws, and this project seeks to address this. This is the most active project.


Joda-Money is a project to create a usable money library for Java. The current JDK lacks a Money class and this project fills the gap.


Joda-Primitives provides a set of interfaces and implementations for collections designed for primitive types. These can be much more efficient than wrapping each primitive in an object.


Joda-Beans provides a code generator that generate beans with a higher level properties framework. In essence, it indirectly enhances the Java language to support properties as found in most other languages.

Original Joda-Beans

The original beans project provided similar facilities to the current Joda-Beans project. It proved to have poor performance on the server-side and has been discontinued.

Other Next Generation Projects

A number of other open source projects are seeking to extend Java's core functionality:


Joda is the open source brand name of Stephen Colebourne. Contact scolebourne--joda-org.