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Latest News

31st January 2004 - Website and projects reorganized. Time, Primitives and Beans are now three separate projects.

12th September 2003 - Milestone build 0.9 now available. This release firms up the new date and time architecture internally. TimePeriods have been removed for the moment to prepare for a major rewrite.

3rd November 2002 - Milestone build 0.8 now available. This release contains the new date and time architecture for multiple calendar systems. It also contains many optimisations to the Joda beans subproject. Feedback is welcomed, especially on dates and times.

1st October 2002 - Website revamp. The website has been rearranged to emphasise the increased role of Joda Dates within the overall project.

12th June 2002 - Milestone build 0.7 available.

6th April 2002 - Website updated with example code for XML.

30th March 2002 - Website updated with example code for Swing and XPath.

18th March 2002 - Milestone build 0.6 available. XPath now working.

10th March 2002 - The creation of a solid ISO8601 date implementation is now a project goal

7th March 2002 - Milestone build 0.5 available

7th March 2002 - SourceForge properly setup

15th February 2002 - Milestone build 0.4 available

Feedback is welcomed - now is the best time to influence the direction of Joda, before the interfaces become finalised.

Volunteers are sought. As with all open-source projects, they succeed best with direct contributions from the Java community.